It is a relationship between a Director (Host) and a Directee (Guest) where they explore, deepen, and value that sense of something “Larger than” themselves. This sense of something “Larger than” or “beyond” or “above” or “ever present” is called by various names.... whatever "it" is called, Some call it 'God'- it is this, that is the central topic that underlies everything else .


"It" is important, meaningful, purposeful.


It is experienced in the midst of our everyday lives,

to varying degrees.


When we feel it is present, there is a sense of flow,

connectedness, trust, rightness.

When it is absent, there is a sense of anxiety,

disconnectedness, emptiness, longing. Often, this

sensed absence is the motivating reason for seeking a

relationship with a Director... A sense of just wanting someone to talk with, someone to listen, to understand, to care. This is what the Director does. Listens. Holds space. Walks with you. Allows things to be as they are, and you to be as you are.

The relationship between Host and Guest is important, but the relationship that is most important is the one between the Guest and what they sense as “Larger than” themselves. The Host is there to attend to That relationship in the Guest. To invite the Guest into deeper relationship with That - especially when it is experienced as absent to some degree. When things aren’t going well... or when there is a sense that things could go better or something is missing.

There is no “fixing”, in spiritual direction. It is not “directive “ in the sense of advising, prescribing, giving opinions. The “Direction” part of spiritual direction can be better understood if we take it as ‘’Orienting in a particular direction “ - Like turning towards a voice that is faintly heard, in order to hear it better . It is a Turning Towards... It is a way of living that prepares us to be acted upon from inside.

Rocky Rapids

Our inner life is the means by which this relationship grows and transforms.


Spiritual Direction involves going inside to see what’s moving and what’s stuck. Spiritual Direction involves inviting new possibilities to actualize in our lives. It also involves patience - from a sense that we are not in control of the Larger System, yet we are intimately a part of It - not separate from it.

What you can expect with Spiritual Direction?

It is an exploration and invitation to greater sense of meaning.

It is a preparing for Living more fully - even in the midst of challenging times.

It is stepping into Living. It is Living Presence.

I want to

live in Presence!