Welcome to Living Presence

There is a spark of Divinity in each of us. Tending to That, always and everywhere, Is Living Presence.


Hello. I am Steven Biesmann. I offer individual spiritual direction sessions for adults who want to live more fully. Whether you are struggling with problems or going through a difficult transition or simply wanting more joy; you can benefit from Living Presence.

For over four decades I have practiced and integrated many spiritual disciplines from various sources...passionately searching for increased meaning and purpose, not only for my own life, but for human life in general.  The results are amazing and simple.  The way to live a satisfying life is to live fully, with understanding, joy and love... and this is what Living Presence is.  It is not a formula or a method, but a way of Being.  Simple.  But not always easy.  A companion along the way can make all the difference.

As a Certified Spiritual Director in practice for 18 years, I have been assisting people in the fulfillment of their own inner journeys.  A balanced means of transformation is most effective, Integrating thought, feeling, and bodily sensation.  Embodied spirituality is practical. 

As a Certified Focusing Trainer, the Whole person is attended....including the wisdom that comes through the body. Living Presence is a distillation of a lifetime of spiritual inquiry and practice.  It is a trustworthy, proven, path that starts with something small, within you, and culminates in feeling your place as part of a vast system.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an introductory session. Take the next step toward the life you yearn for.

Are you ready to explore living more fully?

Do you want your life to move forward?

 Is your “spark” calling you to new possibilities?