Let yourself be silently drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love.

Living Presence.

Are you feeling there is somehow more to life than you are experiencing?

Are you feeling stuck, stalled, not moving?

Are you frustrated, unfulfilled, wanting something more?


Living Presence.

Do you want to feel freer, lighter, able to breathe again?

Do you want your life to move forward - flow, naturally, spontaneously?

Do you want to feel connected with something “Larger” than yourself?


Living Presence.

It is possible to live fully, vibrantly with joy and love.

It is possible to fulfill your potential, your purpose, your meaning.

It is possible to have the life you want .

Living Presence is a way of being with yourself, with others, and in the world, that brings new possibilities. Life opens. It brings mindfulness, vitality, healing. It brings a sense of release from what has been ‘held in place’. It brings attention and warmth to places where it is needed. It attends to the whole being - the mind, the feelings and the body. You feel Refreshed. Released. Revitalized. Alive!


You can move forward. You can live in Presence.


This is for You...

I invite you to discover your own path and how you can walk it in the way you have been wanting. Together, let's explore the possibilities in front of you, awaiting you, calling you... learn how Living Presence can assist you in coming to the life you are wanting.

The best way to get started is to book an introductory phone call.

This will be a brief 20 minute phone call.

This phone call is for you to explore the possible benefits that can come from

regular sessions over time.

* Whenever possible in-person sessions are preferable, but Skype sessions for people in other parts of the country work well, too. 


Spiritual Direction





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